A journal learning curve

Looking back at my old journal entries, I found images which I hadn't seen in a while. From viewing these, I've realised how easy it is to add to these images by means of an on-line blog, by searching for the artists on the web and immediately finding more information on them and examples of their work.

I asked my friend (who studies broadcast journalism) to write out some short-hand for me. I thought it was really interesting and so wanted to include it in my journal. Short-hand is a different type of writing skill which abbreviates language, making it quicker to jot down notes.

When I went to The Lake District I picked up this leaflet in a shop, and stuck it in my journal because I thought the colours and fonts used were really appealing.

This piece by Alphonse Mucha will demonstrate well what I previously mentioned about broadening my knowledge of designers. I found the next images when I put this designer into a search engine...maybe I could get used to gaining instant access like this after all!

"The Moon"

"Light of Day"
"Summer 1896"

Alphonse Mucha's work is truly captivating. The beauty of femininity that is portrayed in these posters is inspiring. I love how the women look so pure and natural, surrounded by intricate detailing and delicate lines. Their faces seem so calm and simple,  as if they could be any female.

Mucha was a Czech, Art Nouveau painter (1860 - 1939). Art Nouveau (meaning "New Art" in French) was based on the idea around William Morris' Arts and Crafts movement, which suggested that everything could and should be art.

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